My name is Cyndy A Chaidez. I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles in May 2019, with a Bachelor's of Arts in Television, Film, and Media studies. I've completed most of my education as a single mother, which has  made me feel like an expert multi-tasker. In addition, being a mother has improved my problem solving skills, I've had to think on my feet and gotten creative when situations start to get tough. During my educational career, I've had the pleasure of experiencing the roles of director, writer, editor, photographer, and wardrobe stylist. My passions are wardrobe and photography. I hope to continue to learn and hone my skills to better apply them and use my skills to tell visual stories and raise awareness for problems facing my community, as well as bringing attention to the beauty of our natural world so we may preserve it.My previous experience in customer service has taught me how to collaborate better when working with a team and has also taught me to stay calm in fast paced environments.